ENEA will restore pavilion “Bread”


Photo: Wikimapia.org

At ENEA completely rekonstruiruet store “Bread”, which is located in pavilion No. 517. About it reported in a press release which arrived in edition”.ru” on Thursday, July 5.

Historical appearance of the building will be saved. Technical conclusion showed that the structure was in a dilapidated condition: it was not a coherent supporting structure. The tree from which the pavilion was built in 1951, almost completely destroyed.

Reconstruction means the restoration of all structural elements of the building and re-finishing, to preserve original decorative elements, which were located on the facades of the pavilion №517. And stucco decorative elements that adorned the building, dismantled the saved, and later their use in the reconstruction.

Pavilion 517″Machintorg” was built in 1951 as a pavilion for the sale of bakery and confectionery products. After a few years, one-storey building was renamed the “Shop “Bread””.

In subsequent years, the pavilion several times changed its functional purpose, and in 1990-ies there were carried out construction work, the building area increased due to the construction of additional walls at the roof of the building from the rear facade.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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