Garbage singer Shirley Manson spoke about the pleasure of masochism


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Scottish singer and actress Shirley Manson, known as the leader of the rock band Garbage, talked about how I loved to hurt myself and how it turned into an obsession from which she had to fight. Her words reports The New York Times.

The singer revealed that the teenager had promiscuity and use drugs, but at some point made a permanent sexual partner. The man started to change her and, after another quarrel, she took a penknife which he always carried with him, and made a few cuts on his ankle.

“At that moment I felt untouchable and powerful. I was running things. Moreover, I experienced a warm wave of comfort and relief. Relief from the rage and helplessness,” recalled Mason.

“The problem with any harm to oneself once you give yourself, you begin to improve skill. I started to do it regularly. The cuts became deeper. I hid the scars under my pantyhose and no one ever talked about it,” said the singer.

According to Manson, its morbid fascination for a time gone, when she broke off an unhealthy relationship and found a loving person. The desire to hurt myself returned to the artist much later, while on tour Garbage. “I had to overcome the annoyance and the destructive feeling that I am defective”, she confessed.

Manson stressed that the time for people with her problem there was not special support groups and she had to understand everything yourself. The singer added that now avoids hurting himself, surrounding himself caring about her people and trying to do things that bring her happiness.

Shirley Manson played in the series “Terminator: the battle for the future”. Along with Garbage, the artist has released seven Studio albums.

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