In Tajikistan in the body of a baby found 10 needles


Photo: Iskandar Aminov / RIA Novosti

In Tajikistan, the doctors of the Moscow medical center found the body of 9-month-old baby 10 needles. About it reports the Tajik Telegraph Agency.

Doctors approached by the child’s mother when she noticed and pulled the needle out of the gums son. X-ray examination allowed to find a needle in the cranial part of the head, the lower part of the nose, neck and chest. The doctors were able to remove only six needles, four are located deep under the skin. How could they get to the child, is still unknown.

According to experts, if the child has swallowed a needle, that they would have damaged internal organs and lodged in the gastrointestinal tract.

A similar incident occurred in January 2018 in Uzbekistan. Then the doctors during the nine-hour surgery removed from the body of 11-month-old baby 13 needles. Experts have suggested that the needles into the baby’s body fell without the involvement of a third person.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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