Lions mauled hunters rhinos


Photo: Michael Weber /

Lions in the Sibuya reserve in South Africa killed one or more poachers who hunted for the horns of rhinos. This was reported by the owner of the reserve, Nick Fox on the page in Facebook.

He noted that a group of people in which there were at least three people entered the territory of the reserve on the night of 2 July. The offenders were armed, when they had enough food and drink for a few days. According to Fox, all these signs indicate that the goal was the killing of rhinos for their horns.

The morning of the same day, an employee heard the barking of guard dogs and the noise in the area where the lions live. He did not pay much attention to it, thinking that the dog reacted to predators. But in the afternoon of July 2, one of the guides reported to the unit for combating poaching, which is not far from Lviv are human remains and other things.

It is noted that, probably, the offenders got into the territory where they lived six lions, and then some of the poachers, and possibly all, were killed. To investigate, the police were called. “At the moment it is unclear exactly how many poachers were killed, but the police continue to work,” added Fox.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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