Melted from the heat of the tarmac upset and enriched drivers


Photo: @TheTablelander

In the Australian state of Queensland because of the extreme heat melted the road surface. This led to chaos on the roads and damage to vehicles, reports ABC News.

The wheels of the cars were completely covered with asphalt. Now at least 50 drivers will pay compensation for the caused heat damage.

The Department of transportation has closed several roads to urgently fix them.

“I was just horrified when he saw on wheels 7-inch bitumen layer, — said one of the victims. — People just stood on the sidelines, no one even could not understand what happened with the machine”. The other driver said that never before had ever seen and told him about the friend, who had to pay 1.2 thousand dollars for new tires.

Photographs of the consequences of traffic jams has shared on his page in Facebook the Tablelander newspaper.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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