Named the winner of the war between Russia and Europe


Photo: Sandy Huffaker / Getty Images

Europe should not fear Russia, which is weaker than the defunct Soviet Union, wrote in the pages of The National Interest Professor Hugh white, engaged in strategic studies at the Australian national University.

“Europe today is much stronger and Russia is relatively weaker than in 1948 or subsequent years. Russia is really threatening to rebuild its Western border after the cold war and the enlargement of the EU and NATO to the East. But she has no chance to overtake Europe, not to mention the fact to become sort of pan-Eurasian hegemon, who could become Stalin’s Soviet Union or Hitler’s Germany,” believes the expert.

White concludes that “Americans should not spend so much effort on the protection of Europe”. “Maybe they should leave the Europeans to defend themselves,” writes the author.

In may 2018 the American magazine called the winner of the battle between the promising Russian tank T-14 “Armata” and the American main battle tank M1 Abrams in the “vicinity of Kaliningrad”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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