Nine artists “Театра.doc” got out of a show and was arrested by the police


Photo: Pavel Smertin / “Kommersant”

In the center of Moscow police detained nine employees and artists “Театра.doc” who decided to take a walk in the Park Chistye Prudy after the performance of “grown outside”. About actress Maria Czuprynska said “Mediazone”.

The incident occurred on the night of July 5. “We were approached by young people, the five big boys, the men, who in the skin, who, how, and with them, the police officer who introduced himself by Goryachkina. They approached us and we began to detain and scream that we need them to get to the office. We began to ask, on what basis, they started to laugh and say that these brutes — five witnesses who will testify against our crimes — alcohol or drugs. Show Director Sasha Kudryashova and say — well, you look like a drug user,” — said Czuprynska.

The actress wrote in Facebook that her colleague, actress Tatyana Demidov, “the burly men in black hit in the stomach”, but the delay did not, and directed by Alexander Kudryashov, shoot what is happening on the smartphone, selected the device and erased the tape.

According to Czuprynski, theatre showed pictures from social networks on which they were handing out leaflets in support of Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, who was convicted in Russia for organizing terrorist attacks in the Crimea. “[We] were called by the name, although we have not had,” she said.

Nine employees “Театра.doc” and their friend was detained and brought in OVD “Basmannoe”. At about midnight the detainees were released. The artists have stated that they will continue to complain about illegal actions of the police.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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