Passengers are allowed to travel without passports


Photo: Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters

In Australia began to use a new way of passport control at the airport, which will allow in the future to get rid of passports. Reported by the

Passengers on some international flights, Qantas will be able to participate in the trial program facial recognition system (“recognition system of persons”) at the international airport of Sydney from 5 July. New biometric technology allows us to pass some of the checkpoints without a passport and boarding pass, automatically scanning the faces of travelers.

Sydney airport CEO Jeff Culbert said that this innovation will make inspection procedures easier and faster.

“In the future we won’t have to juggle passports and bags at check-in or to dig in the pockets and the smartphone to show your boarding pass”, — he said.

In June, the toilets in the aircraft proposed to replace the urinals in order to reduce the waiting passengers in the queue. Manufacturer of equipment for aircraft, Zodiac Aerospace introduced a dual urinal with the name of the Durinal. According to the concept, two urinal will be combined in one booth so that the two men will be able to go to the toilet at the same time.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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