Russian woman in the morgue gave the blackened corpse of the mother


Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

In the morgue of Uglegorsk on Sakhalin broken refrigerators and people had to bury decaying corpses of relatives in a closed coffin. RIA Sakhalin-Kurily said a local resident Vasilina Purits.

According to the woman, her family turned to funeral Agency for transporting body of the deceased mother to the morgue. Three days later the family was informed that she would be buried in a closed coffin. Later it turned out that the refrigerators for storing corpses were broken, the body lay some days wrapped in a package and managed to turn black.

“They brought her down there [to the morgue] in the package and never opened it. In addition, they said the refrigeration equipment broke down, however, why this is not reported is unclear. They say that the experts weren’t there, equipment is controlled from the remote. Tomorrow we have a funeral and we will bury mom in a closed casket,” he told Purits.

The mortuary staff did not give her a written explanation, the journalists are unable to call for medical care. The chief nurse confirmed to the publication that the fridge was indeed broken and soon they will be replaced.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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