Solved the global problem of a shift in system time


Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Researchers have presented a solution to prevent one of the most problematic attacks by hackers — attack with a time shift. It is stated in the report of the group of researchers from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and Marvell Technology.

We are talking about the flaw in NTP is a network Protocol for synchronizing the clocks of computer. The time shift forward or backward provokes multiple errors during data transfer.

The report’s authors argue that the time of the attack can influence the certificates for TLS, DNS and DNSSEC, RPKI, Kerberos, BitCoin and others. Their work affects the security and correctness of data transmission. According to experts, the impact on temporary “shifts” possible, even if NTL communications encrypted.

Researchers presented the development, called Chronos, which analyzes data on the time from several tens of servers and quickly cuts off the data packets containing the timings that much different from information from other sources. Experiments have shown that Chronos is so effective that when it is used cyber criminals to carry out the attacks need 20 years.

Network Protocol NTP is designed to synchronize the internal clock of the computer. It is necessary to ensure that the machine could accurately and smoothly interact with other systems.

A few years ago, Apple released an automatic update for Mac computers, which eliminate the vulnerability in the network Protocol for synchronizing the clocks of computer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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