The causes of excessive fatigue in holidays


Photo: Muhammad Hamed / Reuters

Experts called several reasons due to which travelers during the holidays feel more tired than if they were in normal working environments. It is reported by The Sun.

This primarily happens with those who suffer from “leisure sickness”. They are so overloaded at work in the last days before the holiday, she was feeling very tired, or even sick at the very beginning of the leave.

Dutch psychologist from Tilburg University ed Vingerhoets interviewed 1128 men and 765 women and found that most “leisure sickness” are those who occupy high positions and not know how to find the right balance between work and leisure.

Also fatigue during the holidays can be affected by lack of sleep during working days. According to Professor Dorothy Bruck, when people long suffer from lack of sleep, and then you can sleep all you want, the average duration of sleep increases.

The next cause was called alcohol: on holidays people drink more beer or cocktails, why not sleep later and feel more tired.

In addition, when a person is sleeping in a new place, his brain often remains vigilant during sleep and resting, because feeling threatened is not familiar to him atmosphere.

In may, the rating of the most common causes of death of tourists during the holidays. It was headed by road incidents.

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