The court acquitted insulted Russian Lithuanian official


Darius, Calafato: page Darius Kela in Facebook

District court of Vilnius acquitted the employee of the mayoralty of capital of Lithuania Darius Kale in the case of inciting hatred towards Russia. About it reports Delfi.

Senior specialist of the Department of public order of the city government left in social networks three comments, which praised the Russian impartially. In one post he called Russia an enemy of Lithuania and the world, as well as a “country of poverty, hunger and losers, which will be destroyed.”

Kela also touched on the topic of armed conflict in the Donbass. He expressed satisfaction that was killed, “Katsap” (fighters of the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk national republics), because they “themselves have killed thousands of people.” According to the Lithuanian, “the Ukrainian fields with the bodies of Katsap”, which is not removed. “Body rotting on the battlefields, and the only benefit from exactly that body military degenerate Russia fertilize the Ukrainian land,” he wrote.

Kela recognized the copyright, but indicated that it wasn’t mocking the Russian and insulted this nation, but merely “negatively evaluated the behavior of the Russian leaders in Russia and Ukraine, and also negatively evaluated the people of Russia and the Russians who support such policies are themselves involved in illegal activities”.

“In the public space universally recognized that the Russian Federation invaded and annexed the territory of another, the Ukrainian state — the Crimean Peninsula, and also organized and participated in the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine, which in its relation to applied political and economic sanctions. It is also recognized that the Russian Federation carries out aggressive policy against other States, promoted Russian chauvinism, threatening armed conflict to neighboring countries. The Lithuanian President [Dalia Grybauskaite] called Russia the state with evidence of a terrorist organization, political scientists call it the country with symptoms of “soft fascism” and actions in Ukraine, called criminal,” said the court’s decision.

Thus, the court found that the bulk of the reviews Kela was not directed against the Russian people, but against the part — military, “committed and committing criminal acts”. The verdict is not final and may be appealed to the Vilnius district court.

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