The designer has put in the first row on charges of rape blogger


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Popular black blogger Ian Connor (Ian Connor), which has been repeatedly accused of sexual harassment and violence, were in the front row during a show, French fashion house Louis Vuitton during the fashion Week in Paris. It is reported Hypebae.

The first girl, the plot publicly about violence’connor, was Malaika Anderson, a student at Emory University in Atlanta, USA. In April 2016, she shared the story with the title Ian Connor is a rapist, and I know firsthand (“Ian Connor is a rapist, I know this first hand”) in his personal blog. On the same day to the post Anderson responded five other girls also spoke about similar experiences, and by July the number of offended reached 21.

“As they say, is not caught — not a thief. However, when strangers to each other women from all over the world tell the same story, I think, will suffice to be silent”, commented American actress and model amber rose. Rose has supported the victims of Connor. According to her, the perp is targeting young, black and poor, who are too scared to talk about what happened.

Officially the fault of Ian Connor is not yet proven.

African-American designer Virgil, Able was appointed head of menswear French fashion house Louis Vuitton at the end of March.

In June Kholo Australian brand has released a collection of clothing #MeToo Collection in support of the same movement against harassment. Her clothes she created “for men”, however, among the 33 offered things the buyers found the dress called “sex on legs” and jumper “bounce with me”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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