The girl survived the bite of a sea creature and refused to leave the sea



In the American resort town of Myrtle beach, South Carolina, marine animal attacked the girl. It is reported WISTV.

The attack happened when the 11-year-old Payton Fors (Peyton Force) swam near the shore on the Board for the boards, waiting for waves. Rescuers claim that it was bitten on the leg by a marine animal. The girl and her mother believe that it was a shark.

Father Peyton, who was a few meters from her daughter, rushed to the rescue and pulled her to shore. “Close to see how close to daughter’s shake, was the most terrifying moment of my life,” he said.

The girl was taken to hospital where she received medical treatment. The bite left on her leg a few dozen stab wounds, which do not pose a threat to life.

Peyton believes that she was lucky. “I don’t see anything special about it, people got it from the sharks much worse, she said. Next year I probably will not get that far, but the water will still go.”

In January it was reported that a resident of New Zealand, in his youth, a wounded great white shark, decided before the death again to go down under water to look again at these predatory fish.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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