Accused of prostitution were publicly re-caning in Indonesia


Photo: Heri Juanda / AP

In the Indonesian province of Aceh women accused of prostitution were publicly beaten with sticks. As writes Daily Mail, it was done despite the prohibition to carry out such activities outside prisons.

The publication reports that penalty was imposed on one man. It was accused it was not reported.

Pobivanie was held at the stadium in the city of Lhokseumawe — second largest population in the province. At the same time in Aceh, a Memorandum was signed, according to which this procedure can be performed only in prisons or detention facilities. Locals can be there, but their number is limited, and minors are not allowed. It was also forbidden to remove the penalty on video.

The ban sparked protests by far-right did not support him in the Parliament of the province. In the local “Front of the defenders of Islam” indicated that pobivanie traditionally should take place in public, as this lesson as violated the laws, and all the rest.

Aceh is the only province of Indonesia where an Islamic morality police and Sharia law. They apply not only to Muslims, but to all local residents.

In January it was reported that in Aceh detained 12 transgender people. They were taken to the station where they cut their hair and gave men’s clothes. They also said that they will work until then, until they learn to behave like men.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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