Advisor Poroshenko used the neo-Nazi slogan


Screenshot: Facebook

Adviser to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko Yuri Biryukov used neo-Nazi slogan when describing the construction of housing for the military. Video of the incident posted on its YouTube channel in blogger Anatoly Shary.

“Dorm stream (show live — approx. “Of the”) we’re not leaving,″, — wrote Biryukov on his page in Facebook. He later deleted the post, but Shary did the screenshots with the pages as the adviser of the President of Ukraine.

14/88 is a code slogan of neo-Nazis, used as a greeting or signature. Its author is an American neo-Nazi David lane. “14” means the number of words in the slogan with a length of 14 words coined by lane, and “88” — a reference to the saying of Adolf Hitler, the length of 88 words.

Yury Biryukov is a Ukrainian volunteer.He participated in the Euromaidan. In March 2014 he created the volunteer organization “Wings of Phoenix” dedicated to the supply of the Ukrainian army. As reported by Biryukov in an interview with Ukrainska Pravda, September 2014 the organization had provided assistance to the Armed forces of Ukraine in the amount of UAH 50 million (about 120 million roubles — approx. “Of the”).

August 2014 Biryukov holds the position of Advisor to the President of Ukraine. In October 2014, he also became the assistant Secretary of defense.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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