Americans threatened with jail for the forgotten disk from the video store


Frame: KTUL

American can go to jail because DVD video rental he forgot to return in time. It is reported by CBS 21.

In 2014, Lonnie Perry (Lonnie Perry) from the American city of Colorado springs, co, Oklahoma, rented a disc with the Comedy “Ted” about a man living with a talking Teddy bear who loves marijuana. “It was not worth the five dollars I paid for it,” he says.

Soon after Perry left without shelter. Before leaving, he Packed in a cardboard box their belongings, including a DVD which was still with him. The video store a few years trying to contact him and get the film back, but then gave up and reported the problem to the County Prosecutor’s office.

Law enforcement authorities found Perry, who by that time moved to Tulsa, and informed him about the debt. For the overdue disk require 218,07 dollar (about 14 thousand). The video store will get $ 19 for DVD and $ 25 as compensation for lost profit, the rest will go to the Prosecutor’s office. In case of failure may be a warrant out for the arrest of Perry.

The man is willing to pay, but says that currently he has no such money. “I understand that the video store is doing what it should, he says. But there are ways to find a person without a warrant of arrest”.

In may it was reported that in the public library of the American city of San Francisco, California, returned a book by one of the founders of the “black Panther Party” , taken 47 years ago. The penalty for delay was 10.1 us dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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