Cat-chameleon merged with the floor and confused users of the network


Photo: Reddit

Network users drew attention to the cat, who expertly camouflaged on a wooden floor. Photo shared visitor imageboard Reddit.

At first glance at the published picture you can see only the brown flooring. However, after a few seconds the picture becomes clear, and the audience notice that the wooden floor is a cat exactly the same color.

Reddit users reacted strongly to the optical illusion: the record has collected more than 27 thousand approvals and hundreds of comments. Many of you wrote that the cat has perfectly mastered the art of disguise, like a real chameleon. “If this post didn’t have a name, I would have thought that you just posted a picture of his wooden floor,” wrote one commenter. “Day 23. People still don’t suspect anything,” joked another user.

Previously, visitors to Reddit mocked extremely flexible cat, which was used in the next photoshop battle. Through the efforts of the users of pet-gymnast was replaced by the bowstring, as well as guitar neck.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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