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Former GRU officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia, poisoned by the British in Salisbury in March, survived thanks to the downpour. This writes The Sun.

As told a source in the security services, the Russians really just very lucky. “If not for the rain, Skripal would have died. And Julia is probably too”, — he said.

According to British side, the nerve substance of the Novice class was applied to the door handle in the house of the former spy. The Sun writes that in just a few minutes before the return of a man with a daughter went to the shower, which “diluted” poison. It is noted that the toxin is sensitive to moisture, its concentration is reduced upon contact with water or prolonged exposure to air.

Earlier the Russian foreign Ministry stated that “Newbie” in the concentration, the presence of which in Salisbury according to experts, would “poison all nearby residents to the scene blocks”. However, after suffered only Skrypali, they not only survived, but “normal functioning”.

Skripal, who was convicted for espionage in favour of great Britain, his daughter Julia was poisoned in Salisbury on 4 March. According to London, they have been exposed to nerve agents of the Novice class, developed in the Soviet Union for military purposes. Moscow denies the charges. In the report of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons also indicates that the origin of the chemical could not be established.

On 4 July it became known that “the Rookie” also poisoned a couple of the British from neighboring Salisbury and of Amesbury. 45-year-old Charlie Rowley and 44-year-old don Sturgess currently remain in critical condition. They are in the same hospital where he was treated Skrypali.

It was reported that they did not visit places where there were former spy and his daughter just before poisoning. It is believed that a pair somewhere touched an infected object. However, the exact location poisoning as a method is not yet established.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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