“Father of the Internet” revealed a longtime secret


Vinton Carphoto: Globallookpress.com

One of the founders of the Internet Vinton CERF (Vinton Cerf) announced details of the development of the network model of data transmission TCP/IP. It is reported Computer World.

In particular, CERF explained why the IPv4 Protocol uses 32-bit addresses. Set in 1981 limit the Protocol limits the address space to 4.22 billion IP addresses, so the consumption of those addresses for many years considered a serious problem.

The IP address is a unique sequence of numbers assigned to each adresheva computer, router, web server, or Internet-connected computer. IPv4 addresses are written as four numbers from 0 to 255 (four times eight bits) separated by dots. This type of Protocol address is used to route most Internet traffic in the world.

Father of the Internet, explained that IPv4 was never designed as a “production” version, so when it was created in the 1970s, was used in rough calculations. First, scientists speculated about how many networks will be used in each country. They decided that there will be at least two. They then tried to count the number existing at the time States.

“We didn’t know the exact figure, but Google did not exist. So we assumed the number 128. Therefore, the two times 128 is 256, it takes 8 bits to show which country you are,” he told CERF.

Then the researchers had the task to find out the number of computers that will be connected to networks. Since that time, the computing device could afford only wealthy people, the team has named the figure at 16 million computers – this meant that the host address requires 24 bits.

“And I thought … what if all that works, then we will create a production version when we’ll have a better idea of how much space we need. Well, it turned out not quite as we thought” — said the scientist. He added that the Protocol is widespread and “escaped the lab”.

Due to limitations in the IPv4 Protocol on 4 February 2008, ICANN began the replacement of all of the IP addresses recorded in the new IPv6 format. A new Protocol would need to solve the crisis of exhaustion of addresses.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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