Found a way to save when booking tickets


Photo: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

A new study of online service Which?Travel showed that airlines sell tickets at higher prices, if travelers book their smartphone, not PC. Reported by the Mirror.

Experts analyzed the five most in demand by their customers of the airlines (Ryanair, easyJet, TUI, British Airways, Jet2) and found that among them, only Jet2 does not charge an additional fee when buying a ticket through the phone.

While Ryanair and TUI overpriced at 20 pounds (about 1.6 thousand), easyJet for £ 15 (about 1.2 thousand rubles), as British Airways adds £ 10 (about 800 rubles).

Also the staff of the online service said that is not the only company that indicate high prices when booking from your smartphone. For example, the low-cost airline Wizz Air takes off an additional 15 Euro as a transaction fee, and airline Norwegian is adding to the cost of £ 20 per booking change in any method of ticket purchase.

Representatives of the airline explained that this happens due to the additional administrative fees that are automatically added to the cost when booking via smartphone. In this regard, experts have advised to buy tickets, using the computer to save.

In July 2017 the British newspaper Daily Star has listed seven ways of purchasing cheap tickets. Journalists, in particular, it is recommended to use the services of the search flights like SkyScanner or Opodo, which will help you to find the best deals. However, it is better to switch the browser in incognito mode, when information about previously visited sites are not saved.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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