“Gazprom” spoke about his assets in the UK


Photo: Eduard Korniyenko / Reuters

“Gazprom” has disclosed data about their assets in the UK, reports “Interfax”. To do this he was obliged to the decision of the English court. Among other things, the ownership of the company’s shares 2 Nord Stream AG, the operator of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”.

The disclosure said the Chairman of the Board “Gazprom” Alexander Medvedev. “So, today we have the consent of the Ministry of energy to disclose information about the assets of the company in England and Wales at the request of the English court and disclose this information in the manner prescribed by the court,” he said.

According to the top Manager, the presence among the assets of the shares of Nord Stream AG 2 and the fact that they now became publicly known, does not mean any new actions with them. In particular, they are not pledged and will not get the Ukrainian “Naftogaz”, which has sued Gazprom of 2.56 billion dollars and seeks their sanction.

Now owned by “Gazprom” shares 2 Nord Stream AG are pledged as collateral on attracted loans — by them until 2038 will dispose of the British debt agent Glas Trust, who helped arrange project financing for the “Nord stream-2” in terms of sanctions.

“Of course, “Gazprom” will continue to challenge all of the “Naftogaz of Ukraine” on execution of the decision of the Stockholm arbitration. Swedish court clearly ruled that the execution should be suspended until the decision on our appeal. Gazprom also continues to challenge the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on disputes with “Naftogaz of Ukraine””, — said Medvedev.

On 4 July, Naftogaz said that the shares of Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2, owned by “Gazprom”, was again placed under arrest by decision of the Highest court of the Swiss Canton of Zug. According to the company, this was done as interim measures in the case of transit and supply of gas, which is now being heard in the Stockholm arbitration. February 28, he ordered Gazprom to pay Naftogaz of 4.63 billion for failure to supply agreed volumes of gas. Given the second claim of the total debt of Russian companies is now of 2.56 billion dollars. “Naftogaz” to enforce this judgment, but “Gazprom” has challenged it in appeal. During the pendency of the appeal of a security arrest is lifted.

5 July “Gazprom” has explained the statement of “Naftogaz”. According to the company, shares are not under arrest again — bringing them from arrest was only suspended during the pendency of the appeal now “Naftogaz”. Ukrainian company challenged the withdrawal of the arrest.

Gazprom owns 51 percent of the shares in Nord Stream AG, which manages the already built gas pipeline “Nord stream”. The remaining proportion evenly distributed between the four foreign partners-German Wintershall and E. ON Ruhrgaz, Dutch Nederlandse Gasunie and French GDF Suez. 2 Nord Stream AG implemented another scheme of ownership. For fear of sanctions five foreign partners “Gazprom” did not purchase shares in the joint venture and has contributed part of the funding under a separate agreement. The rest helped to attract Glas Trust — in terms of sanctions, the banks also refused to lend to the “Nord stream-2” directly.

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