Human rights defenders are outraged by the execution of terrorist murderers in Japan


Photo: Shuji Kajiyama / AP

The execution of seven members of the Japanese religious sect AUM Shinrikyo, including its leader Shoko Asahara (real name — Chizuo Matsumoto), violates human rights. This is stated in the statement of the international human rights organization Amnesty International.

“Today’s execution is unprecedented in the modern history of Japan. Attack of the “AUM Shinrikyo” was disgusting, and those responsible deserve punishment. However, the death penalty is never the answer”, — said the representative of the East Asian branch of the organization Hiroka Shoji.

He noted that justice requires respect for human rights. “The death penalty will never be able to provide, as in itself completely denies human rights”, — he added.

63-year-old Asahara, who organized the terrorist attack with sarin in the Tokyo subway in 1995, was executed together with six members of the “AUM Shinrikyo” on the morning of 6 July. Hung was also Yoshihiro Inoue, Tomomitsu Niimi, Tomomasa Nakagawa, Cahide Hayakawa, Masami Tsuchiya and Seiichi Endo. They were the first of the 13 men sentenced to death for the attack.

Execution in Japan is by hanging. Suicide bombers usually are waiting for it for several years, the decision on execution is taken only when the trial is completely over.

The attack in the Tokyo subway was made on 20 March 1995. Then the members of the “AUM Shinrikyo” sprayed on the subway, the toxic gas sarin. Killing 13 people, and about 5 thousand passengers affected. In General, for different attacks was sentenced almost 200 members of the sect.

“AUM Shinrikyo” appeared in Japan in the late 1980-ies. Based on the ideology of the sect is the mixture of Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions, and its members preached the imminent end of the world. The organization is banned in Russia.

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