In Kiev TTS pelted with dead pigeons in an attempt to stop Putin


Frame: Dmytro Sercovich page in Facebook

Nationalists groups “Falcon” and “C14” (part of the banned in Russia “Right sector”) attacked a shopping Mall Ocean Plaza in Kiev. About it reports the UNIAN.

The radicals held a protest against Russian businesses in Ukraine. About a hundred protesters burned fireworks, invited passers-by to refuse purchases of Russian goods, and threw to the entrance to the Ocean Plaza dead pigeons. They pasted the entrance to the Mall leaflets, and painted the facade that read “Stop Putin!”, “Do not buy Russian”, “glory to the defenders — death to the invaders”.

“Russian retailer Carlo Pazolini, Gloria Jeans, “Sportmaster” still earn funds on the territory of the Ukrainian state. Also known network of restaurants “Eurasia” and “Yakitoriya”, owned by Russian oligarchs, promote the excretion of Ukrainians in the wallet of the aggressor”, — quotes the statement of the radicals UNIAN.

In his Telegram channel the radicals explained the attack that a shopping center owned by Arkady Rotenberg, is close to Vladimir Putin the businessman.

As reported by “Kommersant”, “TPS real Estate”, which owns the shopping center, negotiating its sale. A likely buyer was the name of the Ukrainian company Dragon Capital. The sum of transaction was estimated at 270-315 million dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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