It is estimated beaten and the victims in Ukraine journalists



The national Union of journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) presented the results of Monitoring the physical safety of media workers in the country during April-June this year. This is the website of NUJU.

“Most of the incidents occurred in Kiev and the region — nine cases, in the Dnieper river in Dnipropetrovsk region and three in the West of the country, in particular, Volyn, Rivne region, Uzhgorod and Lviv — five acute situations the use of force against journalists,” reads the report.

From April to June of this year in Ukraine made 22 attacks on journalists, and from the beginning of 2018 in NUJU counted 45 incidents.

One of the most brutal cases took place on April 20. Sergei Shapoval of the Bureau of investigative journalism “Volyn 24” and Roman Kharchenko, “channel 12” was preparing the material about the activities of illegal filling stations in the Ternopil region in Western Ukraine. They were attacked, beaten, was kept in the room, and smashed equipment.

Shapoval severed cheek, he received numerous bruises. From Kharchenko was diagnosed with a concussion. The police arrived at the call, did not want to issue a statement and call an ambulance.

Another controversial incident was recorded on 21 June. Antonin Beloglazova representing the Agency “Media-Stream” poured an unknown chemical substance while shooting a rally of nationalists. The journalist’s skin was covered with spots, she was having trouble breathing. Present at the rallies, the police do nothing.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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