Omsk teenagers staged a mass brawl because of the brand clothes


Became known the cause of the fight mass fight in Omsk schoolchildren, videos which previously was published in the media. Writes young people attacked their peers because of the brand clothes.

According to the newspaper, the students got because they “are not explained in the Exodus” the new youth group under the name “office”. “Officaly” they call themselves the teenagers who gather a large crowd and beat up those who walk in unfrequented streets in the “wrong clothes”.

Under the wrong clothing refers to things such brands like Supreme, Palace, THRASHER, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

Earlier it was reported that the video of the fight from surveillance cameras was published on 5 July. It shows a crowd of teenagers attacked their peers on the street near the taxi. Guys trying to escape in the van, but do not have time to run to the salon. As a result of fighting one of them got a concussion and closed cherepno-a brain trauma and was hospitalized.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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