Online game for children turned out to be a hotbed of depraved video


Screenshot: Roblox

Netizens found a huge amount of pornorolikov created in the popular children’s game. Videos posted on YouTube.

We are talking about the online game Roblox — Minecraft analogue for the youngest audience of over 64 million people. In it, users can create their own mini-games and virtual worlds separate, however, many gamers used the game for the sake of record pornorolikov.

When you enter a phrase Roblox sex video sharing generates almost half a million results. Many of the videos from the search results, you can see the different sex scenes square characters. Some videos were uploaded to YouTube over a year ago and scored more than a million views.

In the published records clear images of genitals that are not masked and not blurred. Often there are explicit scenes of incest and group orgies. Periodically YouTube puts these videos the warning “This video may be inappropriate for some users”, but YouTube doesn’t remove them.

Informed about a similar issue, said the mother of a seven year old girl who accidentally became a witness to a triple rape in an online game. Daughter showed the woman as unknown characters from Roblox had sex with her avatar.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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