Publication of intimate messages drove student to suicide


Photo: Ted Foundation

A medical student committed suicide after teammates in Rugby made him a short affair with a girl in the public domain. About it reports The Times.

Edward senior (Edward Senior), 22-the summer student of medical University (Swansea University), spoke about his relationship with classmate close friends. However, they decided to play a trick and sent out a Facebook message to hundreds of other students. The authorities of the University investigated and decided to remove the student from the lectures as punishment. Edward was afraid that his dream of a career doctor under threat, as this may be followed by exclusion from the University.

Suspended student returned to the family home in Monmouthshire. On 10 February, the parents found the body of Edward in the woods. In the room a former student was left a note from which it became clear that he was feeling depressed and isolated from society.

“What happened with Edward, emphasizes the danger can bear publishing in social networks,” said senior investigator during the trial.

Edward’s relatives have established a Foundation the Ted Foundation, which initially raised funds for his funeral. In six months raised nearly twenty thousand pounds. In the future, the fundraiser turned into a Fund that would attract funds into projects aimed at preventing the repetition of such tragedies.

At the end of June it became known that the woman is transgender from USA Chloe Sagal committed suicide after extensive online bullying. In 2013, the transgender became the target users of imageboard Kiwi Farms, a community dedicated to the discussion of “eccentric people who voluntarily expose themselves to be fools.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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