Rare Indian wolf saved from starvation


Frame: Bobb 11 / YouTube

In India rescued a rare wolf, removing his head with a plastic container in which it is stuck. This was reported by the newspaper the Daily Mail.

The beast found enjoying the photography of wild nature the accountant Papalia Tanay (Tanay Panpalia) near the city of Nagpur in the Central part of the country. He suggested that the animal was trying to find food inside the container and are unable to get out of his face. During his imprisonment wolf lost a lot of weight.

The man reported this to the local forestry Department together with the employees for two hours looking for the skinny animal. In the end, the environmentalists managed to cut open the container and release the wolf. He immediately ran away and joined the pack.

According to Papalii similar containers, local residents often used for food storage. “They throw them out where no hitting, which leads to such situations. I was very sad that this beautiful animal was almost killed because of human ignorance” — he was indignant.

Indian or Asian wolf subspecies of the gray wolf, which lives on the territory of the middle East region. It is threatened by hybridization with domestic dogs as well as hunting and deforestation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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