Revealed characteristics of the Russian fighter generation 6++


Photo: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti

The sixth generation fighter will gain artificial intelligence and be able to operate in unmanned mode, said TASS, the Chairman of the state Duma Commission on legal support to the development organizations of the military-industrial complex of Russia Vladimir Gutenev.

“One of the main areas will be increasingly severe, the introduction of artificial intelligence. Not its individual elements and integrated system of command and control to aircraft generation 6+ and 6++ to operate in a fully Autonomous mode, in the mode of serious electronic warfare (EW), and preferably in an unmanned version,” — said the MP.

Gutenev noted that due to the lack of life-support systems of the pilot on the sixth generation of combat aircraft the characteristics of the machine are enhanced by the reduction of the cost and technical volumes. Should expect any radical breakthrough in electronic warfare, said the Deputy.

“I’m sure we will witness new technical solutions, which are 10 percent, and will increase the effectiveness of EW systems”, — stressed Gutenev, noting that stealth technology will play a smaller role due to the expansion of the scan range airspace that will allow to detect small-size and stealth targets at a great distance.

The MP also said that maneuverability will go by the wayside. “Manoeuvrability is unlikely to be improved: and so vectoring engines allows to achieve super-maneuverability. Unprincipled will increase cruising speed, it will slightly exceed the speed of sound,” — said Gutenev. However, in the afterburning regimes is, in his opinion, the speed is close to hypersonic, that will allow to rapidly overcome the defense lines.

“The introduction of additive technologies and composites will make aircraft more efficient due to better maintainability and further modernization,” — said Gutenev. We are talking about what, in particular, as the emergence of ideas and their scientific and technical implementation will be smooth upgrade when the features are growing significantly every four years without changes to the airframe, unlike the machines of the generation 4+ and 4++.

At the moment there is no sixth generation fighters. Among the fifth generation fighter accepted into service only three: the American F-22 Raptor (2005), the F-35A/B (2015) and Chinese J-20 (2017). F-35C (USA), su-57 (Russia), J-31 (China), X 2 (ATD-X) (Japan) are only at the stage of flight tests.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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