Revealed signs of counterfeit bags


Photo: Luxe It Fwd

Australian Luxe Fwd It company specializing in the resale of designer accessories, called distinctive features of fake bags. Reported by the Daily Mail.

First, the fake bag is made of leatherette which has a characteristic acrylic odor, inherent in the fake “leather” things.

Secondly, the design bag is sewn with hologram serial number that you can determine the year of its release. Moreover, for each bag, a map is attached of authentication, a serial number that repeats the what is written inside the bag on the hologram.

Each letter to indicate the country of manufacture the words Made in on luxury things clearly stamped, does not spread and does not merge with the others. The same applies to engraving with the company name on the zip pull.

Finally, the bags of luxury brands are Packed in fabric bags, which are also clearly stamped logo.

In March, company Group Project created a method of anti-counterfeiting products of famous brands using the technology of the blockchain. Manufacturers of clothing offered to attach a specially crafted cryptotech (Crypto-Tag™). Thus, buyers will be able to verify the authenticity of the product, skanirovat tag using a mobile application on a smartphone.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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