Russia has asked Greece to extradite “cryptocurrency king” winnik


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Russia has sent Greece a new request on the extradition of Russian citizen Alexander winnick to criminal prosecution for a new criminal case on fraud in the sphere of computer information. On Friday, July 6, the General Prosecutor’s office of Russia reported to RIA Novosti.

It is reported that in March and April Vinnik, including through his representative, appealed to the Prosecutor General statements about the confession, where he admitted to hacking, and money laundering in especially large size.

“By results of check of the mentioned applications may 21, criminal case about swindle in sphere of the computer information committed in especially large size”, — is spoken in the answer of the Prosecutor General. 1 June against winnick made the decision about attraction as accused, and the court in absentia issued a warrant for detention.

“In this regard, the Prosecutor General’s office on 5 June the Minister of justice, transparency and human rights Hellenic Republic sent a new request for extradition winnik for criminal prosecution for Commission of crimes under part 3 of article 159 (“Fraud”) and part 4 of article 159.6 of the criminal code (“Fraud in the sphere of computer information”),” — added in the message.

In addition, the Prosecutor General instructed the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) to check the information about the impending assassination of the Russian Alexander winnick.

Winnick was arrested on 25 July 2017, when he spent holidays in the North of Greece. In October, a local court ruled to extradite the suspect of the United States, however, this decision was appealed. 13 October it was reported that the Supreme court of Greece upheld the lower court decision for the extradition of a man in the United States. The final decision on the fate of the Russian is to make the Minister of justice of Greece. In the US he faces up to 55 years in prison and a multimillion-dollar fine.

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