Russian pensioner with two friends excited the gay club


Photo: home of “the Scene | Kirov” in “Vkontakte”

A trip of three women — a pensioner and her two girlfriends at the cottage in gay club city of Kirov turned so that one of them ended up in the hospital, and the other two in the police Department. On Friday, July 6, according to

According to preliminary data, the pensioner decided to celebrate the arrival of a son in College and took advantage of an invitation to a gay club, who came to her in one of the social networks; thus the woman did not understand the format. A pensioner has called two friends to testify. The rest of the women at some point turned into a quarrel and intervened in the conflict, the guards of the institution.

The pensioner stood up for her friends — but one of the guards, she said, began to pull the woman by the hair and beat the wall. At this time her friend continued to fight: at some point, one of the opponents pushed another girl fell and broke her arm. After the conflict, one of the women took the doctors, the other two police officers.

On 25 June it became known that in the Leningrad region the pensioner has collected a gang and robbed a Bank to buy her granddaughter for a wedding apartment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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