Solved assignment Russian bombs 9-A-7759


Photo: RIA Novosti

Prospective planning Russian bomb 9-A-7759 designed to fight a well armed enemy, reported in the pages of “Izvestia” military expert Anton Lavrov.

The expert notes that the most widespread in Syria, samples of precision weapons, guided bombs series KAB-500 and KAB-1500, as well as tactical missiles families of Kh-25 and Kh-29 have a limited range. “While our air force is fighting against poorly armed enemy is not playing a big role. But against enemies with more serious air defense systems, their application will be very dangerous”, — the expert believes.

In his opinion, “popular in the world and a simple way to increase the range of guided bombs has been the adding of aerodynamic surfaces”. “The new Russian bomb is close in ideology to such developments as advanced American Boeing JDAM-ER or RaytheonSmallDiameterBomb,” — said Lavrov.

As follows from the presentation of the Corporation “Tactical missiles”, 9-A-7759, promising the product is a aviation bomb unit planning and management. The complex, located on the stage of flight tests, is offered in three variants, including the modification of a solid propellant propulsion system.

Depending on the modification of the starting weight of the complex is estimated at 500-600 pounds. The maximum range of the missile in the range of 65-120 kilometers, speeds of 500-1200 kilometers per hour. The length of the missile exceeds 4.1 meters in diameter — more than 0.3 meters. The rocket is placed on the su-34 and MiG-35.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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