The court decided not to penalize a woman for a story of rape to police


Salem Muhamedianova: Public verdict / YouTube

The Chelyabinsk regional court overturned the penalty in 20 thousand rubles a resident of Magnitogorsk Salima Muhamedianova convicted of false accusation after the story about the rape and beating by police. About it reports Fund “Public verdict”.

The Prosecutor’s office asked the court to release the woman from punishment because of the “insignificance of the crime,” said her lawyer Olga lepekhina. The court released Muhamedianova from fines because of the expiry of the limitation period of bringing to criminal liability, but her sentence remained in force — it is still considered guilty of false allegation of rape.

Police detained Muhamedjanova and her husband Igor Gubanov on the night of 27 January 2016 after an argument with a neighbor in the communal apartment. In office man is put in the camera, and the woman was taken to the relaxation room, beaten and raped. Both were threatened with problems if they talk about what happened, and told to leave town.

Muhamedianova took a beating from the doctors, passed the polygraph test, which confirmed her words, and appealed to the Investigation Committee. Her husband recorded a video message to the investigators demanded fair investigation of the case and in protest have cut off a few fingers on the hand. In spite of this, a rape case was filed, and Muhamedianova was accused of false denunciation (part 2 of article 306 of the criminal code) and fined 20 thousand rubles. The police, which she identified as her rapists, remained at their posts and continue to work. 27 Jun Igor Gubanov died of a stroke, not waiting for a fair trial.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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