The “fish pedicure” deprived American toenails


Photo: Shari Lipner R. / Weill Cornell Medicine

The new Yorker lost his toenails as the result of an exotic Spa treatment called “fish pedicures”. A case is described in the journal Science Alert.

In these procedures use species of fish of the carp family called Garra rufa. Service is that small fish eat the dead skin layer with a foot of the client.

20-year-old American went to the doctor after a long struggle with a strange disease of the legs. The doctor found the girl with atypical form of onychomadesis — a disease in which nail plates stop growing, become brittle and flake off of the skin.

Later, the American realized that the problems started after a visit to the exotic Spa treatments. In the opinion of the attending dermatologist, the reason lies precisely in the contact with miniature carp, although the mechanism of infection is unknown.

The publication notes that this is the first case, when the fish species Garra rufa caused the appearance of onychomadesis. Customers actually can not be sure that the “instrument” in the procedure is disinfected and does not contain skin cells of the previous person. In addition, these services present the ethical dimension: in order to fish actively ate the Horny layer, they need to starve and restrict the eating of vegetable food.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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