The German students were more likely to torture Jews


Photo: Felix Kaestle / AP

The German government plans to strengthen the fight against bullying on the grounds of intolerance towards Jews in schools. About it reports BBC News.

With this aim the school will go 170 employees, which will prevent the abuse of students-Jews. “Anti-Semitism in schools is a big problem,” said Minister for family Affairs, Giffi Francis (Franziska Giffey). Center-left politician, Giffi stated that teachers need assistance in combating anti-Semitism among students because the problem got out of school, and affect society as a whole.

The Berlin center for research and information on anti-Semitism (RIAS) found 947 misuse of anti-Semitism in 2017, of which 18 are connected with physical attacks. In 2016, these cases were recorded 590. Last month the Germans were shocked by the attack on fifteen-year-old boy in the wealthy district of Berlin anti-Semitic hooligans, reports Berliner Morgenpost. One of them exhaled cigarette smoke schoolboy in the face, saying, “this must remind you of the ancestors,” sarcastically alluding to the mass murder of Jews during the Holocaust.

On 2 July it was reported that the female students and 40 secondary schools in the UK were forbidden to come to class in skirts. Under the new policy on gender-neutral way, students of both sexes are required to wear pants. Therefore, the management of schools has decided to support students of transgender people and protect them from abuse.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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