The Ministry of defence revealed the number of drones in the Russian army


Photo: Victor Tolochko / RIA Novosti

On the equipment of the Russian Armed forces are more than 1900 drones. This was stated by the head of the construction and development of a system of unmanned aerial vehicles Gustaba major-General Alexander Novikov the newspaper “Red star”.

He explained that in 2013, when it appeared the OU in each of the military districts, associations and connections created to service unmanned aircraft.

According to Novikov, since the beginning of military operations in Syria in 2015, the Russian drones have carried out more than 23 thousand missions — in General, 140 thousand hours.

“The use of unmanned aircraft ensured efficient use of precision weapons infrastructure of international terrorists and thus eliminate the possibility of civilian casualties,” said major-General.

In addition, he said, drones were used to monitor the actions of the parties to respect the cease-fire, while conducting humanitarian and search-and-rescue activities.

He stressed that in the near future the number of drones in the army will increase significantly and their range of tasks expands.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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