The sorcerer wanted to test the amulet against bullets and died


Photo: Jerome Delay / AP

In Nigeria killed a sorcerer, decided to test the amulet that deflects bullets. About it reports BBC News.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of their magic, the 26-year-old witch doctor Chinaka Adesuwa (Chinaka Adoezuwe) put on the neck of the amulet, which he produced, handed the buyer a gun and told to shoot him. The amulet didn’t work, and the healer died from a gunshot wound. The buyer is arrested, he is suspected of murder.

BBC News notes that this is not the first case of death of people trying to see the effectiveness of popular in Nigeria, amulets and potions for protection against bullets.

In 2017, it was reported that in Indonesia, the crocodile is killed the caster crocodiles. Reptile dragged him under the water when he entered the river and began to recite mantras.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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