Three popular bloggers-the traveler walked along the edge of the waterfall and died


Photo: @rykergamble

Popular YouTube bloggers Ryker gamble (Ryker Gamble), Alexey Lyakh (Alexey Lyakh) and Megan Scraper (Scraper Megan) died after falling from a high waterfall. It is reported The Business Insider.

According to police, the canadian bloggers with a channel High On Life bathed in the pool of the waterfall at Shannon falls in British Columbia. After that, the three travelers walked along the ledge on the top of the waterfall, and then fell from the height of 30 meters. Family Gamble has confirmed that he died.

The canal of bloggers High On Life YouTube signed almost 500 thousand people. They posted videos about the practice extreme sports such as parkour, kayaking, diving from cliffs and waterfalls. “We post weekly videos to inspire our viewers to go out and explore the world”, — stated in the description of the channel.

The Gamble, of pole and Scraper periodically appeared the recording of the national parks and natural attractions of India, Thailand, Nepal and Greece.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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