Deadly poisonous books found at the Danish University


Photo: Moritz Wolf / / Global Look Press

In the University library of southern Denmark found books, covered with a strong poison. About it reports Sky News.

Scientists are interested in three books Dating back to the XVI — XVII centuries due to the fact that their books were bound fragments of unknown medieval manuscripts. In the process of learning experts commented that it was difficult to read texts in Latin from the dense layer of green paint.

The study showed that this is not paint, but a deadly poison. “At the moment when we pointed the beam of x-ray radiation on the green surface, we saw a fantastically large amount of arsenic,” — said associate Professor of the University Kaare Lund Rasmussen.

Now the books are placed in a ventilated Cabinet. Their contents scan so scientists have not had contact with the poison.

According to one hypothesis, the arsenic was applied to the covers to protect the volume from insects and rodents.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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