Escaped tortoise returned to the Estonian three years later


Photo: HEGE-LEE Paiste cymbals.

Resident of the city of Viljandi in South Estonia returned the turtle, which three years ago ran away from him. It is reported by local newspaper Sakala.

Raimo Raats 3, 2015 decided to take his zheltouhy turtle named Fernando on the lake to show her the Estonian summer. On the walk Fernando mired in the sand, and Raimo decided to rinse the turtle before returning home. However, once in the water, the animal escaped from his hands and swam in the lake.

Estonian unsuccessfully sought a pet for three years. “In the spring I went to the lake to look for it because of the warm and Sunny weather, the turtle had to get to the surface to bask,” he said.

On June 28 at the lake in 300 m from the place of disappearance of Fernando the turtle was found by a local fisherman. Through the Internet, he found the owner and gave him back his pet. According to Raats for three years, Fernando has grown and now fully healthy.

The owner of the reptiles also notes that often he is asked how he identified to found the turtle Fernando. According to him, on the belly the pet has a special pattern. In addition, Raats recognize him from his behavior. “Fernando is very quiet. Three years will not change”, — said the Estonian.

In June he returned home the cat is Harry, who was lost 10 years ago. His owner found the pet at the animal shelter, which is located 80 kilometers from home. It turned out that all these years the cat wandered: it was picked up by a kind elderly man, who died only recently. A neighbor of the old man brought a pet to a shelter, where staff found a microchip and the right owner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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