Italy refused to buy F-35 fighter


Photo: Amir Cohen / Reuters

Italy will refuse further purchases of F-35. About this on air of the TV channel La7, said the defense Minister Elisabetta Trent.

“We will no longer purchase F-35. Our decision will result in penalties, now we are thinking what to do with existing contracts,” she said.

Italy produces the American F-35 close to Cameri air base near Milan. Rome spent on a program to build the F-35 more than 2.5 billion euros. According to the plans of NATO, Italy was to purchase 131 fighting machine, then this number was adjusted to 90 aircraft. At the moment on the arms of the Republic are 10 F-35.

On 19 June, the US Senate banned the supply of Turkey previously ordered F-35 for the purchase by Ankara of the Russian s-400. After President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the country “consider all alternatives” to American fighters

The F-35 is a stealth multi-role fighter-bomber of the fifth generation. Small-scale production began in 2006. To date, produced 300 units of that transferred to the US air force, great Britain, Israel, Italy, Norway. The Netherlands, Australia and Japan.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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