Mae has threatened the Johnson dismissal


Theresa may and Boris Johnsonphoto: POOL New / Reuters

Prime Minister Theresa may has promised to send in resignation the head of the foreign Ministry Boris Johnson and other Ministers if they refuse to accept her plan to leave the European Union. About it reports The Times.

According to the publication, may called the ruling Conservative party to unite and move towards the deal with Brussels. As a result of the creation of a free trade area and the list of industrial goods and agricultural products that do not fall under future limitations.

In addition, the Prime Minister said that do not agree with her plan, the Ministers will be dismissed. “While we worked through our policy of Brexit, I let colleagues in the Cabinet to Express their individual views. Agreement on this proposal means that now things are different, and that collective responsibility is fully restored”, — quotes its words the edition.

The British Cabinet agreed a collective position on future negotiations with the European Union during the meeting on Friday, July 6. According to its results may announced that the UK supports the establishment of a free trade zone with the EU after Brexit. In turn, Johnson said, the implementation of Brexit will require the Prime Minister to take a tougher stance towards the European Union.

A referendum on British exit from the European Union took place on 23 June 2016. The majority of voters decided to support the country’s withdrawal from the EU. It was originally planned that transition period, after which the country will eventually leave the European Union, will last until 2020. However, later it appeared that British Prime Minister Theresa may will ask the EU to extend it until 2022. The reason for this is the boundary between a member of the EU Ireland and Northern Ireland, part of great Britain.

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