Stuck in a cave in Thailand, the children wrote a letter to parents


Photo: Thai NavySEAL / Facebook

Stuck in a flooded cave in Thailand 12 students-players of the freshman football team and their coach did and handed the rescuers a letter to their loved ones. The text of the message posted in Facebook group of combat swimmers participating in the rescue operation.

“We are fine, all healthy, don’t worry. When we’re out, I want to eat different delicious food and I want to go home” — written by the children. Each wrote a few lines about your condition and health. Finally, the children approached a teacher and asked not to give them a lot of homework during their absence.

Also the parents of the children asked the coach of the team. “Thank you for the moral support us. I ask all parents to forgive me. Forgive your children for what they went into the cave without saying anything to you,” wrote 25-year-old young man.

Earlier it became known that the headquarters of the operation to rescue people from flooded caves abandoned the plan to rescue the prisoners with the help of divers. The reason for this step was the death of a diver of the Royal Navy. Also, experts abandoned the plan to build the aerial cable — it is hampered by the narrow passages of the cave.

6 Jul its assistance in the rescue of the children suggested that billionaire Elon Musk. He was sent to Thailand specialists, two of its companies to explore the complexity of the emergency. Previously, his assistance is also offered EMERCOM of Russia.

A group of boys from 11 to 16 years male 25 years — students and football coach stuck in a cave in Chiang Mai province in the North of the country. They went there until it was dry, but soon the rain started, the entrance was flooded and blocked by rocks. They were found only 10 days later. July 3 reported that they will have to sit in the trap until September or October this year — before the end of the rainy season.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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