Tanker of the army, Hitler became a threat of disaster in Poland


Photo: Danny E Hooks / Shutterstock.com

Poland threatens environmental disaster due to leakage of fuel from the sunken German tanker. This was reported on the website of the Polish cultural center in Kaliningrad.

Polish scuba divers and scientists have studied the wreck “Franken”, sunk during the Second world war and lying at the bottom of the Gulf of Gdansk. The original thickness of the hull — up to 12 millimeters, but the rust ate about 7 millimeters. “Steel turns into rust. The hull should fail, it is a matter of time”, — stated in the message.

The tanker is 1.5 million liters of fuel. Researchers estimate, due to the destruction of the case leaks can occur in the next 10 years.

In particular, be affected by the contaminated beaches of the Gulf of Gdansk city from the Sands and to the Hel Peninsula, the beaches of the Vistula spit and the coast in the area of Baltiysk and Amber. In addition to the serious damage to nature, an ecological disaster will lead to the suspension of tourist activities in these places for several years, which would entail serious economic consequences.

In July, Finnish and German scientists have found that coastal areas of the Baltic sea over the past 100 years have experienced an “unprecedented serious” loss of oxygen. In their opinion, the main reason for environmental problems is human pressure.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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