Cheap Android smartphones turned out to be spies


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Experts in the field of cybersecurity has discovered pre-installed malicious apps on cheap Android smartphones, which are sold in developing countries. According to The Wall Street Journal.

Such programs gather data about phones and their owners, and then sends the information to advertising companies that would later overwhelm users with ads based on their preferences. Among the transmitted data, the specialists noted the IMEI number, MAC address and user location.

It is reported that spy apps was discovered on smartphones sold by a company in Singapore Singtech Myanmar and Cambodia. In addition, the work of such programs were recorded in Brazil, India and China.

According to the publication, data are collected by several advertising companies including GMobi Singaporean, Chinese and Indian Adups MoMagic. CEO first one Paul vu (Paul Wu) told reporters that the manufacturers allow you to install spying app on smartphones to GMobi could send users free software updates. While Huawei and Xiaomi, which are on the company website listed as a partner deny working with GMobi.

Wu also said that his company does not violate the laws on data collection. With this statement agreed by the representatives Adups and MoMagic.

Earlier researchers have discovered a dangerous vulnerability in all Android smartphones manufactured after 2012. We are talking about the RAMPage attack, which allows hackers to steal the important information from the smartphone owner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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