Doping whistleblower has criticized the world Cup in Russia


Hyo, Espelette: Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti

German journalist, Hyo Seppelt criticized the International football Federation (FIFA) for arranging the doping control at the world championship of 2018. His words are quoted

“In Russia, FIFA does not allow anyone to look behind the scenes of doping control, despite the fact that at the previous world Championships and worked as an independent WADA observers. Now the tournament is no external and independent experts. Sampling, transportation and testing of samples — FIFA does everything itself”, — the journalist wrote.

FIFA sent Seppelt response to his claim that the journalist also criticized, calling misty. “The international Federation claims that more than 10 percent of all samples taken will be tested for erythropoietin (a hormone used by athletes as doping approx. “Of the”). Exactly how much is FIFA does not open. This means that, on the contrary, up to 90 percent of all samples will be tested for HGH and peptides”, he said.

Seppelt decided not to go to the 2018 world Cup to Russia, although the Russian authorities have made an exception for him, lifting the ban on visiting the country. In Russia the Germans were going to interrogate in connection with a criminal case against the informant of the world anti-doping Agency Gregory Rodchenkov.

Journalist specializiruetsya on the investigation of the use of doping by athletes in different countries. From 2014 to 2016 on ARD went out of his films about anti-doping rule violations in Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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