Revealed the main sponsor Brexit with Russia


Aaron banks (right) and guest Washington political consultant Garry Gansterito: Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

The British newspaper the Observer, owned by The Guardian, has released a new investigation about the connections largest sponsor of the campaign for British exit from the EU (Brexit) of the Arrone banks with Russian dignitaries, primarily the Russian Ambassador in London Alexander Yakovenko.

As stated, just between the diplomat and the businessman has held 11 meetings. The Russian Embassy sent four additional invitations, however, it is unknown whether they were adopted. The meeting took place before and during the two months after the referendum on Brexit, which took place in June 2016.

The British publication suggests that funding for Brexit attracted by sale in 2016, American investors a stake in a Russian diamond mining company “ALROSA”. This helped to gain us $ 813 million (about 51,3 billion rubles — approx. “Of the”). The newspaper focuses on the fact that the head of the “ALROSA” is the son of Sergei Ivanov, a colleague of Vladimir Putin in the KGB.

He says banks saw Yakovenko only once for the “lunch with a drink”. A month ago, he said that several times communicated with Russian officials.

The Observer for the first time href=”” target=”_blank”>wrote about the relationship of banks with Russian officials in early June. Then the newspaper reported that banks repeatedly visited the US in 2016 to support the then presidential candidate Donald trump. After one such visit, the leaders of the presidential campaign, trump was assigned to Steve Bannon, who is one of the defendants in the case about a possible Russian intervention in the American elections.

In the Russian Embassy told The Observer that the contacts with representatives of business are a regular part of the work of diplomatic missions, and Russia has no interest in the domestic Affairs of great Britain.

About Arrone Banks, became known in 2014, when he donated a million pounds (about 83 million) of the party of eurosceptics Ukip. At the same time he became friendly with the leader of the party Nigel Farrage. In preparation for Brexit banks allocated nine million pounds (over 750 million) organizations Leave.The EU and the Grassroots Out. As stated on the company website, “Leave.EU played a crucial role in the historic vote of the British public on 23 June on the question of withdrawal from the EU”.

Banks engaged in the insurance business, owns the company GoSkippy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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