The mayor in Lebanon, wore police in the sexual form


Photo: still from BBC video

The mayor of the town of Brummana in Lebanon Achkar Pierre (Pierre Achkat) decided to attract tourists to the city and put the female police officers in short shorts. About it reports BBC News.

According to Achcar, each year, the city authorities are taking the unusual decision to shock the international media and to attract Western tourists. In this year of police work attracted young female students of universities from 20 years. COP uniforms are short black shorts, shirt with short sleeves and a red beret with the symbol of the Lebanese police.

The decision of the mayor Brummana divided as local residents and Internet users. “I think it’s inappropriate,” said a BBC driver. “We have the sexiest police in the world” — not agreed with her the other woman.

Internet users protested the fact that to attract tourists form sexual forced exclusively by women, while men continue to wear pants. Some commentators accused the city hall of sexism. However, the police themselves, and the majority of local residents satisfied with the idea. “Everybody’s happy,” concluded the mayor.

In early June it was reported about the appearance in the online store of the British manufacturer of women’s clothing Pretty Little Thing denim shorts with holes on the buttocks.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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